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At Ramey Tennis Schools, you won’t find fancy hotels, flashy pros or “quick fixes” that you might encounter on a typical “tennis vacation”. Ramey Tennis School is no vacation.

What you will find at our tennis lessons are certified instructors and tennis coaches who are determined to help you refine your game the Ramey way: biomechanical video evaluation, bone-grinding drills, and lots of blood sweat and tears. And because there are no short cuts, you won’t find any tricky stuff here. Just solid instruction designed to make lasting improvements in your game. So remember, if you must go to one of those fancy tennis resorts, make your reservations for the week after you visit Ramey Tennis School. You'll need the vacation.

Make Ramey Tennis School your last resort. You’ll be glad you did.



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 Ramey Equestrian Schools is dedicated to providing excellent horsemanship and equestrian skills in a safe and fun environment. Campers learn to care for a special horse, grooming, saddling, and leading him to the arena, or preparing for the trail. Daily lesson sessions include both English and Western basic horseback riding skills. Advanced campers are in a special program for dressage and jumping. A trail ride is often taken following an arena lesson. After morning and afternoon sessions, tired but happy campers untack, put their horse back into the pasture field, and go to the lodge for a home-cooked meal. In the evening there is a special activity: movies, miniature golf, go-karts, shopping, and on-site games and video. Adult staff with a CHA certified director supervise all riding sessions. Staff members also accompany members on all off-site activities. Click Here for more information!


 USPTA Master Tennis Professional
 CHA Certified Riding Instructor

Mailing Address
2354 South 200W
Rockport, IN 47635

   Phone Numbers:
   Ramey Cell Phone (270) 570-3054